Puzzled to discover that SCS Scaffolding were involved with the Notting Hill Carnival? Are you imagining that our rugged guys were dressed in little more that feathers and steel toe-capped boots? The truth is really quite simple and less frightening – SCS Scaffolding provided specialist scaffolding services to one of the best mobile sound systems at Carnival.

SCS Scaffolding provided the scaffolding build on the back of a number of 38 tonne flatbed lorries . These speakers sets are huge and heavy.

“A mobile sound system needs to be designed and built with safety at the heart of every decision. This is how SCS Scaffolding approach every build”.
SCS Scaffolding Director
Stewart Saunders

Stewart Saunders, Director SCS Scaffolding explained how this amazing build came about.

“For high risk builds such as a mobile scaffolding build, it was essential we met with the sound system team, months before the event. So I went to Notting Hill and spent time with the team hearing what they had in mind. You can see my original sketch from that conversation.

Even at that early stage of planning it was clear that they had ambitious plans.

As an advanced scaffolder I planned so that SCS Scaffolding could deliver the fit of their huge generator, two floors with staircase, upper handrail, safe working spaces and walkways on the vehicle for the sound systems team

It was essential that Company, Client and Regulatory Health and Safety standards and procedures were understood, maintained and adhered to at all times. We had to protect the sound systems team, the revellers at pavement level and the equipment.

Thankfully I’ve worked at Carnival before.”

SCS Scaffolding delivered in time for Carnival and look forward to Carnival 2017!