Project Description

The Golden Lion, Bexleyheath

The Golden Lion, 258 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 8BE

This was a multi-level build in order to facilitate a total refurbishment including painting, maintenance and provide access to the roof.

This work was done for the building and maintenance contractor WS Wright.

What you can see in the first photo is a scaffolding layout which is digitally overlaid onto a photo of the site.

We provide this digital scaffolding layout as part of our estimate.

Stewart, the owner of SCS Scaffolding, visits the site, taking detail photos of the pavement and any street furniture, to document positions and also any damage present prior to any work commencing. This is essential to demonstrate our scaffolding didn’t cause any pre-existing damage, ensuring our clients are not charged by the local council.

This scaffolding layout, gives clients of SCS Scaffolding a good idea of what the scaffolding will look like before our guys arrive. It also enables Stewart to talk with clients about their build. Clients can visualise what SCS Scaffolding will provide. It is at this stage when we discuss and agree any points of concerns, such as glass roofing or historical features.

The second photo shows the actual scaffolding that went up – exactly as shown in the scaffolding layout.

This was a large but straight forward build which SCS SCaffolding delivered easily on schedule and within budget.