The saying is “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Surprisingly this is never more true than when you consider scaffolding. No really – not only is it beautiful but it must be strong – very strong.

When you look at scaffolding professionally erected by Advanced Scaffolders from SCS Scaffolding you will see the geometric shapes, the squares, the triangles, diagonals and even more complex shapes.  Why do we do this? Because as specialists we fully understand that key geometrical shapes have a direct correlation to the strength of the entire structure.

With the amount of global construction increasing rapidly the need to fully understand the load bearing limits of these simple shapes is big business.  Strong shapes are safe and this is important to scaffolders, businesses and clients. Don’t just take our word for it  – scientists at the Journal of Constructional Steel Research have written a really interesting paper, the catchy title Effects of geometrical shape and incremental loads on scaffold systems.

The good news is that as a client of ours you won’t have to read this. As SCS Scaffolding has over 20 years in the scaffolding sector so we can instinctively pull this professional knowledge and experience to build scaffolding to match even the most complex shapes.

Large structures and complex shapes need carefully designed solutions by specialists. All projects undertaken by SCS Scaffolding are carefully planned and designed with you and we double check that our team are all up to date with training before we start.

“The geometry-dependent loads include the trapezoidal and triangular loads.”

Journal of Constructional Steel Research

If you need scaffolding for large structures, internal spaces or any difficult to reach circumstances then contact SCS Scaffolding.